A built-in wardrobe is installed in a room so that the walls, floor and ceiling of the room form the framework for the wardrobe. This means that most of the bearing elements of the wardrobe are fixed to the structures of the room. Positive aspects of this solution are a reliable and solid wardrobe and saving money. The wardrobe does not have to be completely built in into a recess – one or two side panels may be used.

This type of wardrobe hides a recess with beautiful doors and blends nicely with any interior, forming a wall furniture unit with different details.

A partly built-in wardrobe fills the intended area completely. However, there will always be a gap between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling, and the walls of the wardrobe and that of the room because houses do not have perfectly even walls or ceilings. A custom-made wardrobe made exactly to measure fits perfectly compared to furniture made as serial production.

A stand-alone wardrobe is special in that it does not need to match the space and it is possible to move it around. A built-in wardrobe is quite permanent, i.e. if you wish to take it with you to your new home, you have to make additional efforts.